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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Juwita Suwito - Walk Away

I like this song so much.


Baby tell me something
Can you feel the silence echo down from my heart
Our vows!/ been broken
Like love letters on the floor torn apart
I!/ve been on journey
Flew through a storm and landed back at the start

I wonder why
I wonder why
Did you throw it away

Walk away
Just walk away
Don!/t let love stand in your way
I won!/t cry
I will not die
I won!/t let you bleed me dry
You should know by now
I will breathe again

Verse 2:
You are not a stranger
But a sacred part of me I can!/t understand
The pain is getting better
Every time I learn my lines in this greater plan
I just wanna thank you
Now I know a rose can blossom in desert sand

I wonder why
I wonder why
Did you throw it away

I don!/t wanna cry no more
I don!/t wanna run no more
I don!/t wanna hurt no more
I just wanna breathe again


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