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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Election Day 8th March 2008

Today is the day. It's time to make your own choice. Who's going to be your leader? We have right to choose our own leader.

This year BN shows their power. I hate to watch/listen to electronic media during this election day, all about BN, how good they are, how we must appreciate them to whatever they had done to this country....where's the democracy? come on guys... the best part is....."BN buruk siku"....our TPM "ungkit" wht they hv provided to mangsa2 banjir during flood season --"beras", "gula", "selimut". Tak ikhlas nya pemimpin kita ini.


  1. salam...hi..got ur blog from DJ Neo...my daughter pun nama Alya gak...nice to know that u also have an Alya in the house...

  2. salam...ooo DJ Neo...u pun DJ ke? Alya saya Alya Adina, Alya awak apa plak??


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