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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mali Tawar .ML Domains Percuma

Mali offers free .ML domains to anyone. What could 'possibly' go wrong?

Cluley: The .ML domain names will likely be snapped up quickly - not just by legitimate web users, but by online crooks.Cluley: The .ML domain names will likely be snapped up quickly - not just by legitimate web users, but by online crooks.
IF news reports are to be believed, the West African country of Mali is planning to let anybody register .ML domain names for free.
Yes, you read that correctly. For free.
Here's how The Register described the plan:
The .ML domain will be carved up in three phases, with a "Sunrise" phase in May and subsequent June "Land Rush" during which hundreds of generic and premium domain names will be released. Applicants are asked to contemplate "strategic partnership opportunities" during that period of time.
Come July 15th, the world+dog can take their pick.
At first I thought it might be a late April Fool's joke, but it appears that a press release (pic) fromFreedom Registry confirms the plan.
What could possibly go wrong?
Well, let's put our thinking caps on for a minute.
With no cost of entry, .ML domain names will likely be snapped up quickly - not just by legitimate web users, but by online crooks who might be interested in creating phishing sites, using a .ML website to host malware, or as a redirector.
.ML, of course, looks really rather similar to .MIL - the TLD used by sections of the US military such as the American Navy, the Marines as well as the United States Coast Guard. Is it possible that cybercriminals might try to spoof legitimate .MIL websites by snapping up free .ML domains with confusingly similar names?
No payment makes it even easier for someone to register a domain name without giving their real credentials (there's no need even to use a stolen credit card for payment). If crimes are committed involving .ML domain names, it will be hard for the authorities to trace those responsible.
Will the .ML domain name giveaway really happen? Well, it looks likely.
A subsidiary of the same company has been handing out .TK domain names for free for some time, and boasts that "Tokelau (.tk) is now the largest country code top level domain registry in the world" with "more active domain names registrations than Russia and China combined."
CYBER THREAT: There has been a lot of abuse of the .TK sites CYBER THREAT: There has been a lot of abuse of the .TK sites
In the past we've seen lots of abuse of the .TK country code, and sure enough in the last week we have seen .TK sites being used to host malware, for phishing, and as URL shorterner services used in spam.
Quite why one of the world's poorest countries, ravaged by conflict, would want to give away .ML domain names for free is anyone's guess.
It's certainly not going to boost the nation's reputation internationally if it becomes associated with spammers, malware attacks and cybercrime.
(Graham Cluley is Senior Technology Consultant at Sophos)
Artikel ini dipetik dari TechCentral
Senang-senang je diaorg kasi free erk tanpa memikirkan kesan-kesan yang akan berlaku. Kalau untuk .MY, ianya dikendalikan oleh MYNIC BERHAD dan sudah semestinya untuk register .MY mesti mempunyai dokumen yang lengkap.


  1. Buat masa ini biarlah kakak guna blogspot aje noe. Free lagipun...

  2. .ml xpernah dengar pun...macam susah untuk percaya...huhu

  3. mcm menarik, but yeah KA lebih prefer blspot ler

  4. pakai blogspot pun dh ok.da ke domain yg org nak beri percuma?takut gak nti macam2 masalah timbul

  5. assalamualaikum ... sdg selesa dgn blogspot . klu .ml tuh dah popular , baru la saya try ...

  6. tp hari tue MV dapat free domain.my asiahost..tapi tak guna sebab ada masalah..**MV ngundi di sabah

  7. selesa juga dengan blogspot....

  8. saya dah lama guna blogspot..bio je lah :)

  9. betul tu...memang dah rasa selesa sangat kan...?

  10. blurr aby membacanya ..
    kurang faham ..

  11. blogspot pun dh ok.. klu nk tuko ke lain risau jea mcm blog padam terus.. hih3

  12. malas la nak tukar2 kann.. senang yg apa yg ada nih jew.. :)

  13. blog pun mcm tak terlayan..

  14. pakai je apa yang dah ada.. janji boleh berkomunikasi dengan kekawan kat alam cyber ni... hehe

  15. Kakzakie -> senang kan blogspot..
    NoEn -> ml tuk negara Mali jer...tu la free lak..
    KA -> aah kita dh biasa ngan blogspot..
    Puan Kutu -> tul tu...bpot pun dh ok..
    seharum kasturi -> waalaikumussalam... klu selesa x yah tukar dah
    MV -> thn lepas pun noe dpt .my free tapi malas la nk cari hosting semua..**oo noe undi di selangor
    Qhaifa Nur -> sama la
    Tihara -> hehehe..bio je..
    Yan -> klu selesa..kita maintain jer..
    Aby -> hehehe buat2 faham je aby.. :)
    tenku butang -> hehee..jenuh nk cari balik :)
    yana -> tul tu...sama la
    Knor -> hehehe kasi pitam terus..
    MFM -> ya bettulll...

  16. blogspot je mudah... :D


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