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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How To Solve Wireless Problem

Fed-up with your wireless connection? Slow? Disconnected frequently?..... is it because of the AP? or wireless router? or wireless card / wireless adapter? or protocol 802.11b / g / n / y (y didn't release yet)? or concurrent user support by the wireless (many users connected at the same time)? or notebook / pc itself?or interference issue? or blockage issue?or antenna (3dbi/5dbi/7dbi)?

There are so many causes..... i'll share some info about this....

Access Point Location

Pastikan AP di letakkan di tengah2 & biasanya letak berhampiran dengan ceiling. Kalau rumah 2 tingkat, letak la berhampiran staircase. Jika terdapat blockage, the distance to get the signal will reduced, for glasses it will reduce around 10%, wood 20%-30% and concrete 40%, so tak perlula nak heran kalau dapat signal low. So please check your location. Make sure electrical equipment such as cordless phone or bluetooth device at least 1m away from the access point. This is to avoid RF (Radio Frequency) interference, bila interference berlaku, signal akan jadi slow & tak menentu. Sekiranya signal tidak berapa bagus, change channel on the AP, Pusing2 la antenna tu.

Change AP Antenna
To increase signal range & performance, try change the antenna of your access point. Antenna gain is measured in dBi (decibels isotropic) which basically means how powerful the antenna is and how far it can provide a signal. Terdapat antenna 3dBi (decibels isotropic), 5dBi & 7dBi. If you have 3dBi antenna try change it to 7dBi (3dBi & 5dBi not much different) & compare the performance.

802.11 standard

Practically any appliance that operates on the same frequency level (2.4 GHz) as 802.11b or 802.11g can cause interference with your wireless network. For example cordless phone & bluetooth device, If 2 notebooks using different 802.11 standard (example: one user using 802.11b & another one using 802.11g), user which using 802.11b will get low signal compare than the other one which using 802.11g. 802.11g support for 54Mbps & 802.11b – 11Mbps & 802.11n – 300Mbps (not release yet). So kena la check ngan orang2 yang guna wireless tu (tu pun kalau tak ramai). Wireless using hub technology mean that the bandwidth is sharing among users. One more thing the wireless AP and wireless network adapter must using the same 802.11 standard.

Update Wireless Driver

I have an experience where my wireless always disconnected, but after updated the wireless driver, my problem solved. Maybe can try this method as well.

Install Repeater

Kalau nak lagi power install la Repeater. Kerja repeater untuk terima signal, regenerate it and rebroadcast it therefore extending the range of your wireless network. Letakkan repeater ni antara AP dengan wireless client.


Dalam setting for WEP ada pilihan utk 64bit & 128bit, Kalau pilih 128bit, signal will reduce around 20% & it'll effect wireless performance.
If there are any wrong info, correct me k...


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